Believe In Yourself

Posted by Fredrick Buffington on

If you have accepted the title of entrepreneur, you must also accept the price that comes with it. You were giving a unique vision to execute. A vision that everyone, including your closest friends and family may or may not yet comprehend. Even more disappointing, may not believe you can achieve it. Regardless, I'm a let you in on a little secret. IT'S NOT THEIR JOB TO BELIEVE IN YOUR VISION! Yes, we want the ones we love to be all in with us, but they didn't receive the vision. If their lack of support throws your energy off, simply create some healthy space between them and your vision. Notice I said "your vision," not you. It's no reason to "cut someone off" just because they can't see what's in your head. It simply means stop discussing your vision with people who don't have the capacity to understand it. Furthermore, it is that much more important you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF as if your life depends on it, because it does. And once you have reached your destination, those who are supposed to be there will be.

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