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What is 3rdDate?

3rdDate by KyngSYX is an interactive app that allows it’s users to indulge in conversation provoking, pre-loaded questions. It's not a dating app, but it does have strong dating app characteristics. Like each user being able to build unique profiles. And the option to engage with other users in your region.

Each pre-loaded question falls under the six following categories: Finances, Sex, Motivation, Health, Family Tradition, and Spirituality.

What is the purpose of 3rdDate?

The purpose of this app is to stimulate conversation to improve communication. Every problem that has ever existed started with miscommunication or the lack of proper communication. As a matter of fact, the more we communicate effectively, the less room we leave for problems. 3rdDate creates a lot of sexy, intriguing, and stimulating conversation. But hidden under all that fun, the game provokes much needed conversations between any two individuals that plan on moving forward together and as individuals in life.

This game is for the culture! Imagine if we can assist in stronger and longer lasting relationships. Imagine the benefits the children of those relationships will have accessed. This is the move!  


Android, Apple IOS, Windows