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LAPREUVE Extrait de Parfum by KYNGSYX Ensemble is a captivating fragrance that has made its grand entrance into the fragrance world as the brand’s flagship fragrance. Crafted with ambition, this exquisite perfume is meticulously created in Paris, France, without compromise. Details about this fragrance are as follows:

  • Top Notes: The opening swoops in with a passionate blend of sweet apple blossom and raspberry.
  • Middle Notes: An elegant bouquet of jasmine, cyclamen, and peony takes center stage.
  • Bottom Notes: The dry down features sandalwood cream, patchouli, atlas cedar, orcanox musk, and cashmere wood.

Extrait de Parfum, also known as “Pure Perfume,” is the most concentrated and expensive form of fragrance. It typically contains at least 20% essential oil concentration LAPREUVE is crafted at an extremely well-balanced 22% oil concentration, ensuring both longevity and a captivating scent experience.

The name LAPREUVE translates to “The Proof,” and it truly lives up to its name by leaving an unforgettable trail of opulence. Whether you’re wearing it for a special occasion or simply to make a lasting impression, this fragrance dares to be forgotten by no one.

If you’re interested in exploring more fragrances from the KYNGSYX Ensemble, you can visit their website for exclusive access to shop future collections. Crafted with ambition, these scents are sure to captivate your senses! 

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